Total CSR Personality Assessments for New Hires and Employees

Practical & Effective

Enroll new hires and experienced staff in practical and interactive insurance courses and professional development programs.

From ACORD form tutorials to advanced commercial lines coverage, we’ve got it all. With Total CSR, you can take a new-to-industry hire and turn them into a valuable, contributing team member 95% faster than traditional training methods alone.

New Hire Programs

We’ve identified the top competencies that all new CSRs need.

With 4 in-depth programs, Total CSR covers everything your CSRs need to know to service customers in commercial lines, personal lines and employee benefits. 

Our New Hire Programs save agencies $10,000-$15,000 per new employee in training costs.

Advanced Program Lesson Plan
Advanced Program Lesson Plan

Advanced Programs

Developing your agency means developing your staff. Suited for CSRs who have already completed all our new hire programs and gained some industry experience, our advanced programs deepen your staff’s insurance knowledge.

Career Development

Your people can be your greatest asset or your greatest liability. Investing in their professional development, increases customer satisfaction and improves office culture.

From entry-level new hires to seasoned managerial staff, your entire team will learn valuable and applicable insights from the Total CSR Professional Development Program.

Custom Courses

Your agency’s internal operations and processes are a crucial part of a new hire training program. That’s why we allow you to create your own custom courses on the topic of your choice. Gain the freedom to train new hires what you want, how you want.

Hire, Assess, Train, and Support
Your Insurance Agency Staff

Hire smarter. Train faster. Transform your agency.

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