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A record of all the updates, tweaks and improvements we’ve made to Total CSR!

Here are the latest updates to the Total CSR platform.


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Version 2.03 – 2021 Quarter 3

New: Added ‘Custom’ course option. Accounts can now create their unique training courses within their ‘Training Portal’ and then view/enroll their users via the ‘Train’ area of the platform

New: Added ‘Boost’ option to Job record UI to make boosting jobs easier to find/manage

Fix: Added field validation logic to the ‘Create a Job’ process for improved visibility on the ZipRecruiter platform

Fix: Admins can once again edit employee details even if a user’s Training Portal status is set to ‘Inactive’

Fix: Small number of accounts were experiencing course enrollments not being saved and/or updating

Fix: Small number of users’ course/program completions were not being recorded successfully

Fix: Users that were terminated (removed from the agency account), but added back by either the same or a different account will now have their user account reinstated correctly

Tweak: Updated UI style for Train area (icons, buttons, notifications, tooltips, etc.)

Tweak: Admin records are now available to view within the Assess area. Grants the ability to assign Compatibility and Expertise Assessments to any account admin(s)

Tweak: Added a UI overlay to Train prompting Admins to select a user prior to selecting courses/programs for enrollments

Version 2.02 – 2021 Quarter 2

New: Added “Downloads” dropdown option for Employees when clicking on their profile icon to download earned designations and course completion certificates

New: Added email notification for Employees to download earned designations and course completion certificates

New: Added “?” icon to main dashboard for quick support contact information

New: Added “Manage Account” dropdown option for Billing Contacts when clicking on their profile icon to view subscription details and/or update the payment method on file (only for credit card at this time)

New: Added the option of ACH payment method to the website checkout page

Fix: Added missing courses to Admin Train dashboard

Fix: Some legacy user completions were not properly recorded in Total CSR 2.0 platform

Fix: Default phone no longer set to previously added employee when adding multiple employees in the same session

Tweak: Default country has been set to “US” when adding a new employee

Tweak: Improved Admin “Train” dashboard UI for selection and completion states 

Tweak: Employees can no longer be terminated while in the middle of provision or deprovisioning state

Tweak: Updated provisioning and deprovisioning process and active seat counts to reduce the time for “swapping” of active employees for training by half

Tweak: Employees who have not accessed their Training Portal will now be deactivated after 60 days (was 30 days)

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