Total CSR Changelog

A record of all the updates, tweaks and improvements we’ve made to Total CSR!

Here are the latest updates to the Total CSR platform.

v1.1.2.1 (March 13, 2024)
Tweak: Removed free Ask Ellie tokens for select accounts (by request)


v1.1.2 (March 11, 2024)
Fix: Edge-case issue where the same group could be created twice by the Super Admin within the Manage Groups area


v1.1.1 (February 29, 2024)
New: All new users added will receive 10 free Ask Ellie tokens
Fix: Issue with incorrect training progress statuses being shown on UI
Fix: Issue where administrator rights were granted but not being shown on UI
Fix: Issue where custom courses were being added to other groups without permission
Fix: Issue with search function in custom course area
Fix: Edge-case issue where the same Ask Ellie subscription could be purchased twice for the same group


v1.1.0 (February 21, 2024)
New: Updated payment infrastructure to support upcoming feature release
Fix: Issue where submitted CE credits were being applied to the wrong courses
Fix: Issue where a non-CE course was available for submission in the CE log.


v1.0.2.1 (February 19, 2024)
Fix: Issue where newly created custom courses were not appearing in the custom tab of the Train area
Fix: Issue where infinite loading occurred when Super Admin would update group structure in Manage Groups area 


v1.0.2 (February 8, 2024)

Fix: Issue where initial 10 free Ask Ellie tokens were not being provided to Super Admin after Total CSR subscription purchase

Tweak: Updated UI for Total CSR Canada accounts

v1.0.1 & v1.0.1.1 (February 2, 2024)

New: Added Brokerage 101 course for Canadian accounts

Fix: Issue where users were unable to access the Compatibility Assessments once assigned

Fix: Spelling errors during licensing input process

Tweak: Added additional logging for notification debugging

Tweak: Improved UI for CE submission process

2022 Quarter 1

New: The Professional Lines designation program and its respective Assessments were added to all Total CSR accounts at no extra cost

New: Employees can now access Compatibility and Expertise Assessments straight from their dashboard instead of through a separate sign-on page via the “Assess” card (only appears if they have assessments assigned to them)

New: Admins can now control the frequency of their email notifications in the new “Notifications” area of their profile

New: Admins can now “Duplicate” a job to quickly create a job using details from one that already exists

New: Users can now update their passwords from within their “Profile” area

New: Admins can now use search bars in “Assess” and “Train” to quickly find employees

Fix: Issue with ZipRecruiter boosting for some Total CSR Admins

Fix: Issue when restoring an old employee back into an agency’s Total CSR account

Fix: Issue with UI when changing jobs’ ZipRecruiter statuses

Fix: Issue with Reports UI where record would close if an Admin clicked in certain areas

Tweak: Jobs in the “Abandoned” or “Filled” statuses can no longer be boosted for ZipRecruiter

Tweak: Updated UI for Add/Edit Employee Profile required fields

Tweak: Added job details to candidate application page

Tweak: Email verification is now completed on the application page instead of via email to increase applicant submission completions

Tweak: Updated content in our email notifications for improved clarity and direction

Tweak: Admins now have the option to require a resume when creating a job

2021 Quarter 4

Fix: Payment issue when child accounts of an enterprise account wish to boost jobs in the Hire area. Added logic and created billing management system so child accounts can choose to bill the enterprise account or bill their own account separately

Fix: Issue where account-specific courses were not being deleted when needed

Fix: Error messages when purchasing a Total CSR subscription have been updated with improved clarity and trigger logic

Fix: UI issue when job name exceeds 80 characters in length has been fixed

Tweak: Defaults for certain fields have been added/improved to accelerate record creation

Tweak: Restrictions to add/edit/delete user records during the activation/deactivation process have been added to prevent duplication and errors

Tweak: Notification message user interface has been updated and globalized to provide an improved and consistent user experience

Tweak: Added icon and tooltip message to “linked” courses to improve clarity and reduce confusion for Total CSR admins when enrolling users into courses/programs

Tweak: Updated email validation process for applicants of jobs created in the Hire area. Process has been streamlined to improve completed/successful applications.

Tweak: Job details added to direct application pages for jobs created in the Hire area to reduce applicant confusion

Tweak: Added additional validation to the “Create Job” process in the Hire area to improve application rates when leveraging our integration with ZipRecruiter

2021 Quarter 3

New: Added ‘Custom’ course option. Accounts can now create their unique training courses within their ‘Training Portal’ and then view/enroll their users via the ‘Train’ area of the platform

New: Added ‘Boost’ option to Job record UI to make boosting jobs easier to find/manage

Fix: Added field validation logic to the ‘Create a Job’ process for improved visibility on the ZipRecruiter platform

Fix: Admins can once again edit employee details even if a user’s Training Portal status is set to ‘Inactive’

Fix: Small number of accounts were experiencing course enrollments not being saved and/or updating

Fix: Small number of users’ course/program completions were not being recorded successfully

Fix: Users that were terminated (removed from the agency account), but added back by either the same or a different account will now have their user account reinstated correctly

Tweak: Updated UI style for Train area (icons, buttons, notifications, tooltips, etc.)

Tweak: Admin records are now available to view within the Assess area. Grants the ability to assign Compatibility and Expertise Assessments to any account admin(s)

Tweak: Added a UI overlay to Train prompting Admins to select a user prior to selecting courses/programs for enrollments

2021 Quarter 2

New: Added “Downloads” dropdown option for Employees when clicking on their profile icon to download earned designations and course completion certificates

New: Added email notification for Employees to download earned designations and course completion certificates

New: Added “?” icon to main dashboard for quick support contact information

New: Added “Manage Account” dropdown option for Billing Contacts when clicking on their profile icon to view subscription details and/or update the payment method on file (only for credit card at this time)

New: Added the option of ACH payment method to the website checkout page

Fix: Added missing courses to Admin Train dashboard

Fix: Some legacy user completions were not properly recorded in Total CSR 2.0 platform

Fix: Default phone no longer set to previously added employee when adding multiple employees in the same session

Tweak: Default country has been set to “US” when adding a new employee

Tweak: Improved Admin “Train” dashboard UI for selection and completion states 

Tweak: Employees can no longer be terminated while in the middle of provision or deprovisioning state

Tweak: Updated provisioning and deprovisioning process and active seat counts to reduce the time for “swapping” of active employees for training by half

Tweak: Employees who have not accessed their Training Portal will now be deactivated after 60 days (was 30 days)

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