We wear these H.A.T.S. so you don’t have to!

Post Jobs

We’ve partnered with the #1 rated, online employment marketplace so that you can manage all your hiring directly in the Total CSR system. 

When you post a job, AI-powered matching technology will actively connect you to qualified job seekers.

Total CSR Personality Assessments for New Hires and Employees

Evaluate Compatibility

Don’t waste time on a candidate who isn’t a good fit.

Using industry leading assessment technology, we will vet applicants for compatibility before you ever interact with them. These assessments will rate them on emotional intelligence, personality fit, cognitive aptitude, and computer skills, so you only engage with your top candidates.

Interview Effectively

Interviews are more effective with Total CSR. Based on a candidate’s assessment results, our software will create custom interview questions that dive deeper and provide more insight than a typical, subjective interview process. Data driven insights and objective feedback result in better hiring decisions and an ideal workplace culture.

Evaluate Expertise

Leverage Total CSR’s insurance assessments to determine whether a candidate is truly qualified for your position. This final step in your evaluation helps you determine how to effectively train your new hire should you decide to send them an offer.

Hire, Assess, Train, and Support
Your Insurance Agency Staff

Hire smarter. Train faster. Transform your agency.

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